Where have I been???

Well…shame on me!  I started this blog I don’t know how long ago and that’s as far as I got!! I will try to do better…I promise!  🙂   Oh, I did get married since I wrote last!! LOL  So, eventually, my photography will change to Pamela Gabriel instead of Pamela Kipper…it just hasn’t been made official yet. 🙂

Things have been going well for my photography.  I’ve had a few senior picture photo sessions along with some dog and horse shoots.  I realized things go much faster when there isn’t a 4-legged critter to tend to and get ears up and get standing still, etc…  I’m off to Canterbury Downs today to photograph with a group of photogs I’ve “met” online but have never met up with yet in person.  I’m looking forward to that. 

I just wanted to share a few favorite pics as of recent times to let you  know what I’ve been up to!  I’ll write again soon!MarisaHannahBecca


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