Favorites from Holiday Barn Photo Shoots

If you are reading this blog…chances are you’ve seen these pictures before either on FB or on my website…but I think the difference here, is I get to talk about them if I want to and share a little more about the photos, the people, or animals in them, or the shoot as a whole.

I wanted to share these pictures of Karen and Rio.   When I first met them, Karen was just finishing up grooming him in the barn and I was immediately drawn to him…his color is so bold and loud.  For any one who likes apps…he’s sure to catch your attention!  Rio is quite a character and full of himself in a funny way.  The were the first ones I photographed this day at their barn and boy…was it COLD!  Not only was the temp in the single digits but there was a wind that made it even worse.  Then the snow came! lol  I thought for sure there would be people cancelling their appointment, but no on did!  They trudged out into the snow, put on a smile, and got the job done.  At first I thought the snow was going to be annoying, and sometimes it was coming down so hard…it looked like I had big snowballs right in front of my lens.  But this first pic of Karen…looks just right to me to make it a little more wintery.  She ended up using this image for her Christmas card…an excellent choice I think.  The 2nd photo of the two of them just makes me smile.  It shows how much Karen truly loves and enjoys Rio and is just a fun moment between the two of them that I was happy to have caught.  Maybe Karen will let me go back and photograph Rio running loose in the snow this winter…I think he’d be a site to see. 🙂     


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