A busy few days on the way!

So, hard to believe I’m actually writing 2 days in a row, but I told you…I am going to try to write more. Off to a good start! 🙂

I’ve got 3 photo shoots coming up between tomorrow and Sunday!  Tomorrow is going to be a senior photo shoot with Natasha.  I’ve known this young woman since she was a young girl at Clearwater Camp and am so excited to be able to photograph her!  She’s very much into sailing so we’re meeting at the marina where her school’s sailing team boats are kept.  This will be a new experience for me…but settings and themes that seniors are interested in, are such fun to incorporate into their pictures.

Friday…no shoots, but have to pick up a back up camera and lens for the weekend because on Saturday…I’m photographing a wedding!   Now, I normally don’t do these, but this one is right up my alley. 🙂  The bride and groom will be on horseback during the ceremony and will ride off into the sunset together with their bridal party following along in a wagon pulled by a big black percheron.  I’m a little nervous about lighting in the arena where the ceremony will take place and having enough room to get back far enough from my subjects without distorting horse’s heads and such.  But, I will do my best, get there ahead of time to plan, and have confidence in my ability to make things work so the happy couple gets images that they are thrilled with.  That’s the one nerve wracking thing about photographing weddings…there are no “do overs”.  I’d love to be able to say….move over this way a hair, or back up a bit, let’s try this….but I pretty much have to keep my mouth shut and try not to be too distracting as I sneak around in front of their guests to get the shots I want.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!! 🙂

Then Sunday morning, I’m off to Canterbury Downs…the racetrack here in MN for another senior photo shoot.  Liz’s family has a racehorse and thus we have access to the barns and all of the “behind the scenes” stuff normal people like me don’t normally get to see.  I am really looking forward to this and can’t wait to see all of the possibilities for photos!

Whew!! I’m already tired!! lol  Oh, and also to throw in there, my parents and brother and nephew will be in town for my nephew’s hockey tournament.  He’s a fabulous player and lives for the game.  So, I’ll have to try to meet up with them and also give a riding lesson at the barn where our horses are boarded Sat. morning.  This is with a new client who is just starting a lease with one of the other boarder’s horses.  Her name is Sam, my name is Pam, and the horse’s name is Ham!  Oh, how glad I am!!! 🙂

Alright sportsfans…I have to finish up working on some business cards and then think about getting to bed at a decent time tonight.  Goodnight and I’ll see ya when I see ya!!



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