Sandwash Basin wild horses

This morning brought another new adventure for me.  Priscilla, Maureen, and I headed to the Sandwash Basin area to look for wild horses since we had the morning off.  I was expecting to drive in there and see horses milling about here and there like I’ve seen buffalo right next to cars in Yellowstone.  But….no, it was quite the opposite.  It was more like finding a needle in a haystack.  A very LARGE haystack!!!  We drove for quite some time and finally came across 2 young stallions who were grazing with each other.  We were thrilled!!! After they got tired of us, we drove on.

Eventually we came upon what seemed to be about 8 horses, but they were a ways off in the distance.  We decided to walk toward them and see how close we could get….or wanted to walk.  20 minutes later, we got close enough. It’s funny…..the ground looks level and like a straight shot to them, but it ends being very uneven with ditches and gullies in between.  Anyway…we got up to them and discovered to young foals with them. 🙂

We drove on again and oh-my-gosh….we hit the jackpot!!!!  We saw horses running up ahead and a cloud of dust.  As we got closer, we saw several bands of horses tearing across the land….likely over 100 head total.  Amazing!  We kept driving and found a water hole that was quite a popular place.  Horses were getting  drink on this hot day as well as lingering nearby and grazing/sorting out differences.  We sure had enough horses to photograph!  My favorite was a very pretty bay and white paint, “Kokomo”.  He only has one ear due to having the other bit off in a fight.

We could have stayed a lot longer but had to get back for more Photoshop talk with Sherron Sheppard.  Hopefully, the weather will be good Friday afternoon and we can head out again.

That’s it for now!  🙂

fbIMG_5815a fbIMG_6332am fbIMG_6702a


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