Editing, Editing, Editing!!

A fun night in Craig! We were busy editing and processing photos all day to print for the wranglers and also to share in the slideshow that happened tonight. All the wranglers from the ranch…. and many townies came to the hotel we are at to view our hard work for the past couple days. It was a thrill to see the happiness our photos brought them!  We each printed photos of all the cowboys/cowgirls that we worked with this past Monday and Tuesday so they’d have keepsakes from our time here.  In addition, we submitted photos of our work to be displayed in a slideshow for all of the people who came to share in the fun.

It was really cool as we each got announced as our photos began in the line up.  Although we shot side by side each other this week, we all still have our own styles and have a different eye in which we chose to focus on different things when we were shooting.

Since I finally managed to get through some photos and get them print ready, I have more to share with you.  So here is a little sneak peak. 🙂

I’m excited for tomorrow as I get to ride finally!  We will be listening to a guy to trains wild horses give a presentation at the ranch and then myself and 2 other photogs will mount up and ride the trail to the steak fry that we will have for lunch.  The other photogs will get trucked to the location.  I’m HOPING for good weather!!  Then the main event begins Saturday morning….The Great American Horse Drive!!  http://www.sombrero.com/adventures/horse-drive/   That will be all day Saturday and Sunday.  I’m not sure how many horses will be on the drive this year, but it will be in the 100’s for sure.

Will share more soon, but for now…have to get some sleep. Goodnight!Terry Cal Christy Cowgirl in the Making Grant Jerry Packin' out Riding out the kinks Quentin Silver Buck Chuck


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