Steak fry trail ride

It’s been another long day so I will try to get this done quickly and get to bed for yet, another long day tomorrow. 🙂

This morning started at the Sombrero Ranch again with a wild horse training demo and speech from Steve Mantle and his son Nick, for Sombrero’s guests.  The Sombrero got in about 40 guests this past Wednesday.  They’ve leaned how to ride and handle their horses and have had a couple shorter trail rides. Today was a chance to give them a bit longer ride as they prepare for the horse drive that they will ride on starting tomorrow and also going all day on Sunday.

Three of us photographers, myself, Kim, and Adrianne, signed up to ride with to the steak fry lunch while the other photogs rode out to that location in trucks.  The ride was great….it took about 4 hours to get there, but we took the direct route back to the ranch and made it in 1 hour.  I was fortunate enough to ride the boss man’s (head wrangler) sorrel gelding and what a nice horse he was!  We saw some stunning views while out there and had a relaxing ride on our horses.    Along the ride we also some some mule deer, lots of jack rabbits, an eagle’s nest with 2 eggs in it, and even a rattlesnake that we almost walked right over the top of! And boy, was he rattling!!

Lunch was a welcome point in the day….steak on the grill with potatoes, beans, dinner rolls and brownies.  We were starving by the time we got there and very thirsty!  Once we ate, we mounted back up and headed back to the ranch making it just in time just as some rain started to fall.

Tomorrow we will spend the day in the backs of pick up trucks photographing the start of the horse drive….about 700 horses will be making their way back to the ranch.  I can’t wait to see this whole thing go down! 🙂   Stay tuned!  Goodnight!

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