The Great American Horse Drive Begins!!

Today was an exciting day!  We started out where the Sombrero horses pasture for the fall/winter….about 50-60 miles from the ranch.  They had to be rounded up as they were out in a VERY large space…and were herded into a holding yard.  I took a number of photos there, waiting for the riders to get ready.  It was fun just watching horse behavior….rolling, whinnying, ears pinning, chasing, looking for buddies, coming up to me for a scratch, etc…I took a lot of photos here.  The riders’ horses were trucked out here by semi for.  Once the guests from the ranch and the wranglers were ready, the gates were opened and out came the herd!

What  a spectacle it was!!  The idea is to keep wranglers in the front  and sides to keep the horse boxed in as they head down the road.  But almost immediately, a group broke loose and took off ahead through the wranglers! Eventually, the wranglers caught up and were able to stop them…waiting for the rest of the group.  After that, it was just a whole lot of horses to watch and photograph. 🙂  There were between 500-600 on the drive.  We stopped a few times along the way to let the horses rest and regroup. Eventually our route led us onto the blacktop road which meant cars coming and going….and they did, but not many.

Once we got to the place where they are pastured for the night, they went down to the creek right away, and then started to relax and eat.  Tomorrow, the horses will all make it to the Sombrero Ranch where they will start the process of getting them ready for a busy summer of trail rides and for many, fall packing during hunting season.

I’m falling asleep now so I will share some photos and check in again tomorrow!

fbIMG_6963 fbIMG_6954 fbIMG_7059 fbIMG_7073 fbIMG_7089 fbIMG_7123 fbIMG_7161 fbIMG_0006 fbIMG_0247 fbIMG_9024


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