Every dog deserves a good home!

Last year, I started looking for a rescue organization to get involved with to take photos of fostered dogs in need of permanent homes.  I was delighted to photograph a couple of them….but am always wanting to do more.  Last week, my friend, Vickie, asked me to photograph her pekingese that she has been fostering.  He’s a very sweet boy, named Syndey….and is looking for a home to call his very own.  I am not a “little dog” person….but I very much enjoyed this little guy!  Here are some photos from our session.  I’ll also include a couple other foster dogs I photographed.  If you know of anyone else I can lend my services to….please let me know! fb20150527-IMG_9829a_edited-1 fb20150527-IMG_9890a_edited-1 fb20150527-IMG_9800a_edited-1 fb20150527-IMG_9859a_edited-1 FB20150527-IMG_9874a_edited-1fbIMG_0237 fbIMG_9543a


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