I’ve been away from WiFi for a number of days as I’m at our place up north.  Last night, I decided to take a trip to the Vince Schute Wildlife Sanctuary (  in Orr, MN.  I’ve been hearing about this place that is a safe haven for wild bears.  No fences, they come and go as they please, however there is food provided for them in a certain area where the viewing platform is for the public.  So, I went and enjoyed myself.  Saw a number of bears, fairly close….but there were lots of people and we were up on this platform above them all.  It was hard to get the shots I wanted and even with my zoom lens, I still wanted to be closer.  So, I looked into the photographer’s session that they offer.  And decided to go back today and spend more time. 🙂  I got  all day access to be down on the ground with the bears for as long as I wanted from about 7am till dark. I got there at 7am and stayed for 5 hours, which was plenty.  2,000 pictures later….I will be going through them for quite some time! 🙂  Anyway… it was AMAZING!!  I was 10-15 feet away from bears and saw close to 40 different ones, including a number of cubs from this year.  The bears were very used to having people walking among them as the workers at the sanctuary do it all day long. I had to have a safety session first, and of course sign a liability waiver….but it was well worth it.  I got the shots I was hoping for and had an incredible experience!  Here are a few of my favorites so far.  All images will be available for purchase, so if you’re looking for some bear photos for your home or cabin (like we are), let me know! 🙂

fbIMG_6724a_edited-1fbIMG_6376a_edited-1 fbIMG_6253a_edited-1 fbIMG_6108a_edited-1 fbIMG_6088a_edited-1 fbIMG_6056a_edited-1 fbIMG_6045a_edited-1 fbIMG_5637a_edited-1 fbIMG_5703a_edited-1 fbIMG_5707a_edited-1 fbIMG_5923a_edited-1


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