Skijoring Hits Minnesota!!!


Yesterday was a new experience for me… a spectator and photographer.  I had heard a few weeks ago, that there was going to be a skijoring competition at our local racetrack, Canterbury Park, in Shakopee, MN.  I was hoping for 2 things:  That I’d be free that day and that the weather would cooperate.  And both of those things fell right into place! 🙂



If you aren’t familiar with this sport, which I wasn’t entirely either….here’s a quick breakdown.  Skiers or snowboarders are pulled behind a horse and rider by a rope that is attached to the horse’s saddle.  They start out side by side another team and race down their side of the track to the finish line.  Both sides start by coming over a ramp then have to veer to the outside of their lane to pick up two plastic rings hanging from two  poles.  They then need to merge back to the inside and go over a jump or two and then back out to collect one more ring…and then a couple more jumps.  The horse and rider just gallop (or canter or trot….or walk if they wanted, but this is a timed event, so GIDDY-UP) straight down their own runway while the skier/snowboarder swings from side to side behind them.  Scoring was based on time, rings collected, and course completion.  Some of the slower teams did better since they accomplished all they were supposed to and didn’t wipe out by going to fast.

The crowd was up in the stands of the race track….many sitting outside, since the weather was so agreeable (about 35 degrees), while others sat indoors with a great view of all the action.  As a photographer right down by the competitors….it was always full of something to look at and photograph.  Though there were many falls and wipe outs, thankfully no one was seriously injured.  Kudos to Extreme Event Skijoring for organizing such a great day and putting on this event….please bring it back next year!! 🙂

To view more photos and order, visit:




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